The Salary survey is an annual, voluntary survey aimed at capturing the state of work and pay among members of the Games Research and User Experience SIG. Each year the results are summarized as infographics that can be viewed below.


Hi folks. Unfortunately there’s an important update on the ‘salary calculator’ tool we launched in tandem with the results presentation below.

We are updating the salary calculator tool for 2021. In doing so we found an error in the way the 2020 calculator tool was making its calculation and presenting results. The error has led to the tool outputting data that didn’t properly reflect the underlying model. The error led to the calculator incorrectly giving lower predicted salaries for high-paying geographical regions and higher predicted salaries to low-paying geographical regions, and this effect was greater for people further along in their career. The average discrepancy in predicted annual salary between the model prediction and the calculator output was about $9500 USD for people who took the 2019/2020 survey.

We took the calculator offline as soon as we suspected an error. At this point in time we’ve chosen not to fix and re-publish last year’s calculator tool. Instead we’ll work on the 2020/21 data and calculator.

We understand this data is valuable and important. The analyses we presented in the recorded presentation below are accurate – they were summarised independently of the salary tool. For 2020’s data please continue to refer to the that presentation: Link

We are going to share another short presentation describing the tool’s calculation error in the coming days. We’ll also answer questions in Discord.

In preparation for conducting analysis of the 2021 data we are reviewing and adapting our processes to prevent errors, and reviewing how we present the summary data and calculated salary model. We profoundly apologise for not delivering on our promise of the salary calculator; we don’t take the responsibility of the salary survey lightly. We will present the 2021 summary data and a revised calculator in May 2021.

– Seb, Jonathan, and Andrew.

The video presentation of the data, presented at the GRUX SIG Summer Camp, is available:

A screenshot showing data. GRUX experience breaks down to 27% 0 to 1 year experience, 32% 1 to 3, 21% 3 to 5, 16% 5 to 10, 4% 10 plus. Percentage difference in base salary by years is +2% at 2 years, +5% at 4 years, +8% at 6 years. Total compensation is +8% at 2 years, +16% at 4 years, and +25% at 6 years


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