The Salary survey is an annual, voluntary survey aimed at capturing the state of work and pay among members of the Games Research and User Experience SIG. Each year the results are summarized as infographics that can be viewed below.


The annual gamesUR salary survey is up for 2022! This survey aims to help researchers around the world get a better idea of how much each region can pay and puts you in a stronger position for salary negotiations. Please use this link to fill out the survey if you feel comfortable!


Hi folks.

The updated Games User Researcher Salary Calculator is now available! Please download a copy of this spreadsheet to your machine for a private instance of the calculator and to access additional tabs that show some model details and the calculator’s inner-workings. (updated as of 11/02/2022)

Google Link:

This tool is brought to the community each year by Andrew Menger-Ogle, Jonathan Dankoff, and Seb Long.

#gamesUR NA 2021 hosted the yearly Salary Calculator update:


The video presentation of the data, presented at the GRUX SIG Summer Camp, is available:

A screenshot showing data. GRUX experience breaks down to 27% 0 to 1 year experience, 32% 1 to 3, 21% 3 to 5, 16% 5 to 10, 4% 10 plus. Percentage difference in base salary by years is +2% at 2 years, +5% at 4 years, +8% at 6 years. Total compensation is +8% at 2 years, +16% at 4 years, and +25% at 6 years


GRUX Salary Survey 2019


gamesUR Salary Survey 2017-18


GamesUR Salary Survey 2016-2017