We aim to keep our community open and safe. We have multiple ways to report harassment within the community, with the intent of making this process as simple as possible and through whatever routes victims feel most comfortable with.

As a result, we’ve partnered with a separate organization (Women in Games SIG) to ensure that we’ll always have an impartial person to talk to who’s not within GRUX SIG. You can report harassment to us through this form.

Otherwise, please e-mail or message us through discord through any of the below:

Form link:
Harassment report form

General email which steering committee designated responders have access to:

  1. harassment@grux.org

Personal emails and contact info:

Jimmy Zhou – Riot Games

  1. jzzhou5@gmail.com (e-mail)
  2. blueyfooey#9608 (discord)

Hannah Murphy – Activision

  1. hmurphy651@gmail.com (e-mail)
  2. HannicAttack#5554 (discord)

Dana Ware – The VOID (external designated responder from Women in Games SIG)

  1. raiiindrop#4676 (discord)