The Games Research and User Experience SIG has a Discord server for members of community. The channel is intended to provide a place where the community can come together, chat, see important announcements, and be able to easily communicate with each other and members of the steering committee.

What is Discord?

Discord is a free text and voice (VOIP) service. It can be run in a browser, as a desktop app, and on iOS and Android. It is similar to Slack, but with voice chat.

How do I join?

It is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on this invite link which will open discord in a web browser.
  2. Create an account with a valid email address.
  3. Verify your email address, or you will not be able to post on the server.
  4. You are done, say hello.
      1. Please note that we have a real name policy. So we ask that you change your nickname on the server to be your full real name (see details in the FAQ below). This name will only appear the GRUX-SIG server so you don’t need to worry about it showing up elsewhere on Discord.
  5. (Optional) Download and install the desktopiOS and/or Android apps.

Note: If you install the Discord app and make an account you should be able to just click on the invite link, but if it doesn’t work you can open the channel selector, click on the empty circle with the + in it and enter “VRPn3xM” as the invite code.


How does this all work?

Discord servers allow you to text and voice chat with members. But don’t worry, the voice chat is totally opt in. You shouldn’t have any hot mic moments.

By default you are joined to the Text Channels (see on the left) that you are authorized to view based on your member status. Some channels are viewing only (e.g. the #announcements, #gamesur_twitter, and #gamesurjobs_twitter channels), whereas the others are fully open for you to post whatever you want (within reason). The text channels support the use of @ mentions for individuals and groups (e.g. the Steering Committee).

To join a voice channel simply click on it. To leave a voice channel simply click on the disconnect button (it looks like a old phone receiver with an “x” next to it).

Are there any rules for content?

The rule is simply be reasonable and polite. This is meant to be a place where members of the games user research and user experience community can come together chat and share information. Therefore don’t say anything publicly that you wouldn’t say in a professional setting.

However, part of the reason we picked Discord is it is also a convenient place to also relax and play some games together. As such feel free to use any of the voice channels for gaming with other members of the community. If there aren’t enough channels, let a steering committee member know and they can make more!

Can I invite other people?

Sure, but lets try to keep the server for people working in games user research/user experience. The steering committee reserves the right to manage the server as they see fit.

Real Name Policy and Adding a nickname

By default Discord uses your login name as the name displayed to others on the server. However, you may want to show your real name or some other name. To do so right click on your name in the members list on the right and select “Change Nickname”. We have a real name policy in place. Therefore, if it is not already the case please change your server nickname to be your full real name.

The nickname only applies to the server you are in when you set it. So you don’t have to worry about revealing your real name in any other Discord servers you happen to join.

Why do some members have green names?

The green names identify members of the Steering Committee, with the brighter green color identifying the current chair of the GRUX SIG. All members of the steering committee have admin rights on the server. We are friendly, say hi.

Other levels of membership may be introduced depending on demand.

Does this cost anything?

No. It is free.

How long is the message history?

There is technically no limit.

What if I have an idea for improving the server?

Let a steering committee member know!


Because LinkedIn isn’t the best place for discussions. We wanted to offer a service that is more like hanging out at a #gamesUR Summit.