Find a mentor

How to get a mentor

Before signing up for a mentor, there are a few steps you should take first.

  • First review the prerequisite reading for GUR mentees list, made by Lanie Dixon. Many of the questions that people come to our mentors with can be addressed in the prerequisite reading material.
  • If you have only a brief question that you want a quick answer too, join the mentoring discord channel. The channel has lots of active members from every stage of their career, and are friendly and helpful people who will give you a prompt response to your questions.
  • Having considered both of the above, read on for how to be mentored.

When looking for a mentor, it’s important to find someone who matches your interests and can help with your career goals. Below is a list of all of the people who have currently volunteered to be a mentor.

After taking a look at the types of things our mentors can help with, please complete this mentor request form to ask for mentoring. Please include an introduction to your background and expectations from a mentoring relationship. The GRUX-SIG will then put you in touch with a mentor!

Please do not contact our mentors directly. Our #career advancement or #breaking in questions discord channels are a great way to ask questions and get quick answers!

Who are our mentors

All of the following mentor categories are available for researchers at any level. For example, “Advanced Career Mentors” are not intended solely for researchers at the advanced or mid career level but are intended for junior / aspiring researchers as well. We’ve split our mentors up by seniority to help junior / aspiring researchers get different perspectives from researchers who are at different stages of their career.

Mid Career Mentors

Advanced Career Mentors

UX Design Mentors

Still have questions? Feel free to email or reach out directly to  Xan Smith, Jimmy Zhou, or Charles Somerville directly via the GRUX Discord server.